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COST $2000 per area ($250 for subsequent areas)

Fat transfer procedure removes fat from your own body then reinjects it into the facial area to restore volume.

Fat transfers consist in the removal of small amounts of fat from your own body from unwanted areas (such as the stomach). The fat is cleaned and then reinjected under the skin to smooth out deep lines or wrinkles.  Using your own fat overcomes any problem of allergic reaction and usually lasts one to two years.


The fat is removed in a way similar to liposuction. The area is numbed first, then a small puncture incision is made which will not require a stitch or create a scar. The fat is removed using a fine instrument, cleaned and reinjected into the deep lines or scars. This simple fat transfers procedure takes an hour and is preformed in our Day Cosmetic Surgery centre. You can go home immediately, but cannot drive until the next morning.

Post Operation

The area injected (the “recipient” area) will be slightly red and swollen for a few days only. The area where the fat was removed (the “donor” area) may require a compression garment (like a girdle). Bruising and swelling of this area will subside over 2 to 6 weeks. Often patients are more concerned about bruising at the donor area than where the fat is injected! No makeup should be used for 24 hours after fat transfers procedure. You may be given prophylactic antibiotics, to prevent any possibility of infection.

How quickly will I see the results?

The effects of the fat transfers procedure are immediate! In fact the cosmetic surgeon overcorrects the defect. This is because one third of the fat is absorbed within 72 hours, and another third within 7 days.

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