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Wendy Morel

The Aesthetic Surgery Centre’s highly trained and certified staff have the knowledge and the experience to make your aesthetic desire come true. And, of course, after the cosmetic surgery procedure is completed, we will strive to make sure you are satisfied with the achieved results through follow-up visits and the special care that you may expect from a top cosmetic surgery clinic like ours.

Wendy Morel completed her training as a Registered Nurse in South Africa in the seventies, and gained extensive experience in theatre and day surgery clinics. She immigrated to Australia and worked in the areas of facio-maxillary surgery, urology, laser ophthalmolgy and aged care, particularly dementia. Cosmetic Surgery became a passion, and Wendy joined the Aesthetic Surgery centre in 1999 and has worked closely with Dr Jerry Schwartz ever since. Wendy assists in theatre, and is responsible for before and after care of patients.

Wendy enjoys the patient contact, and particularly likes the fact that she is involved with each case from the first consultation to the final discharge. Also being an accredited laser safety technician, Wendy is part of the team of competent laser practitioners at this practice.

Apart from assisting in theatre, Wendy is a highly experienced Nurse Injector. She attends all the current workshops and conferences, to ensure that she is up to date with all the latest treatments available. Having an artistic background, treating the face with anti wrinkle treatments or fillers, give her the edge when it comes to rejuvenating the face. Peels in combination with skin products may be part of the treatment plan, and Wendy is always available for a consultation to work out a treatment plan that will work for you and within keeping of your budget.

Wendy Morel may be contacted during office hours on (02) 9330 0000.