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About Us

About Dr Jerry Schwartz & His Team

Our staff, led by Dr Jerry Schwartz, are fully trained and skilled in providing a professional service to the public…

The Aesthetic Surgery Centre staff are fully trained and skilled in providing a professional service to the public. We employ knowledgeable reception staff, beauty therapists and counsellors. Our doctors are recognised cosmetic surgeons, and accredited to various Australian and International bodies including the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery, the International Society of Laser Cosmetic Surgeons, and the French and Italian Society of Liposuction. Our centre was one of the foundation members of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Jerry Schwartz

Jerry Schwartz

Following his university graduation in 1979, Dr Schwartz has had training in a variety of cosmetic surgery fields, giving him 30 years of experience on which to draw… …More

Wendy Morel

The Aesthetic Surgery Centre’s highly trained and certified staff have the knowledge and the experience to make your aesthetic desire come true. And, of course, after the cosmetic …More

Tamara Gordge

Tamara Gordge is a member of our surgical team at The Aesthetic Surgery Centre. Arriving from Siberia in 1995 where she worked as a registered nurse in the …More

Sarah Sellars

Sarah Sellars

Sarah is a registered nurse obtaining her qualifications a DipAppSc (Nursing)  from the Catholic University in 1988 and a  BAppSc (Nursing Hons) from the  University of Sydney in …More