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16 Epic Photo/Video Technologies Every Medical Practice Should Own

Communicating with photos and videos has fast become the zeitgeist of the 21st century (just ask these YouTubers).

With the rising popularity of Facebook Live (live streaming), Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and new mediums like Periscope, it’s easy to see why the universal language of the future is not written in text (sorry, Twitter);it’s captured through a lens.

So the question remains: do you speak the native tongue?

If not, there’s hope…

Technology, connectivity, and information are now so ubiquitous that we’re experiencing the evolution of photography and videography in light speed. And it’s making it easier, faster, and less complicated for your medical practice to share its point of view.

Technology that was available only in the most expensive cinematic cameras three years ago has made its way into consumer cameras of today.

And the most promising new technologies of today will be disrupted by better technologies tomorrow.

The result?

Better quality for less, like smartphones that pack more cinematic power than the camera used to shoot the original Star Wars. (Thanks, Apple.)

It gets better, though…

You don’t need to be the next George Lucas to capture life through a lens. Not anymore.

In fact, today’s social media users don’t award scripted, high-production visual content with their attention; they award authenticity. Just ask Snapchat, who built their empire around life’s unscripted moments, or PewDiePie, who makes more than $12 million dollars a year producing low-budget YouTube videos.

But you do need to reimagine the way you approach visual content as a business.

Forget about capturing scripted moments in planned intervals throughout the year- you can’t outsource authenticity to your marketing agency, and your patients won’t trust it. But you can create an environment designed to capture authentic moments when they happen.


By putting cameras and audio in the hands of your most creative employees, when, where, and how they need them.

The good news?

It’s never been easier, or more affordable, to do just that. And I’ll show you how.

In this article, I’ll explore the latest photo, video, and audio technologies that will help your practice gain an edge and capture more of life’s unscripted moments, quicker, easier, and with better quality. No experience required- I promise.

When you’re done, you’ll have the tools needed to capture authentic visual content that you can use to differentiate yourself on today’s visually-obsessed social media platforms.