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Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

How To Prepare For Cosmetic Surgery

Advice, tips and useful information to help you prepare for your cosmetic surgery operation…
After having selected Aesthetic Surgery Centre as your preferred Cosmetic Surgeon, you will need to prepare yourself for your cosmetic surgery operation…

Your preparation for cosmetic surgery will begin with a couple of meetings with your cosmetic surgeon. The doctor will indeed want to interview you, talk about your condition, desires and requests before engaging any further.

Be honest with yourself and tell your surgeon why you intend to undergo cosmetic surgery and what kind of results you expect. At this point of the process, you should have already thought about it and it should be pretty easy for you to explain your decision.

Do not forget that cosmetic surgery will produce notable physical and, more than probably, psychological changes. This procedure should be considered for yourself, and not for someone else.

Sample of questions your cosmetic surgeon will ask

As a medical practitioner, your cosmetic surgeon will insure to learn about your personal case, desires, requests, goals and expectations. This interviewing process, during one or more consultations, will usually deal with the following topics:

  • explain your motivation and expectations in the suggested cosmetic surgery procedure
  • your surgeon will suggest appropriate techniques to achieve the desired result; and their respective alternatives
  • you will be given a description of the risks involved during the procedure but also what results to expect (usually illustrated with a few before-after pictures)

Don’t forget to take notes you will be able to read again at home.

You will usually be advised to wait at least a week before making your final decision.

Sample of questions to ask your cosmetic surgeon

The best way for you to get ready for your cosmetic surgery is by asking your doctor any question that may come to mind. Below is a sample of questions you may ask your surgeon:

  • explain the procedure and the different techniques involved: are they new techniques available for this procedure? Are they considered safe? Are they suitable for my personal case?
  • how long will the procedure last? Will I feel any discomfort during the procedure or immediately after?
  • will I be able to drive home after the operation? Will I be able to go to work the next day?
  • will there be anaesthetic medication administered?
  • where will the surgery be performed? At the Aesthetic Surgery Centre clinic or at a hospital?
  • what results may I expect from this cosmetic surgery operation? Are there side effects or complications I should be aware of? Do I have any options other than cosmetic surgery?
  • what is your personal experience with these procedure and techniques?
  • what aftercare will be provided?
  • will there be any visible scars after the operation and how will I be able to manage with these?
  • what are the fees involved with this procedure?

After having discussed these points with your cosmetic surgeon (and asked every other question that comes to mind), you should take some time to consider the available options. Be honest with yourself and, if still uncertain whether you should proceed with cosmetic surgery, then perhaps you should re-examine your expectations.

Please note that this information is for illustrative purposes only. Always ask your Cosmetic Surgery Specialist first!